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Photos at Design Observer

Illustrated essays about visual culture by Rick Poynor

Olympia Monica S typewriter, 1970s. Photograph: Rick Poynor. SEE THE ESSAY: In Memoriam: My Manual Typewriter. observatory.desig...

Photograph by Jonathan Miller in Nowhere in Particular, published by Mitchell Beazley, London, 1999. SEE THE ESSAY: Surface Wreckage. observatory.desig...

Page from Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy, Anchor Books & Doubleday, 1991. Detail of a photograph by Charles Van Schaick. SEE THE ESSAY: Wisconsin Death Trip: A Psychic History. observatory.desig...

Palais de Justice, Brussels, date unknown. Photograph: David Helbich. From the essay: Belgian Solutions: The True State of Things?

East Village, Manhattan, date unknown. Photograph: Allan Markman. From the essay: New York: City of Spectacular Doors

A cupboard display exploring “Cleaning through the ages” at the Walpole Bay Hotel, Cliftonville, near Margate. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: The Hotel that Dreamed It Was a Museum

Reconstruction of Francis Bacon’s studio, Dublin City Art Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, 2011. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: The Never-Ending Struggle against Clutter

Photograph: Keld Helmer-Petersen, from 122 Colour Photographs: Observations, Schoenberg, 1948. From the essay: Keld Helmer-Petersen: Pioneer of Color

David Maisel/INSTITUTE, The Mining Project (Inspiration, Arizona 1), 1989. From the essay: David Maisel and the Apocalyptic Sublime

Granada, Spain, 2013. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: The Incidental Pleasures of Street Art

“And at the corner of Wilshire and Curson I stare straight down into the black heart of Los Angeles.” Photograph: Rudy VanderLans, Supermarket, 2001. From the essay: The Experiential Thrill of Driving in Films

The Smokers’ Room, Frederic Marès Museum, Barcelona, 2011. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: Lost Inside the Collector's Cabinet

Photograph: Herbert & Mafalda Spencer, 1974. From the essay: Herbert Spencer and The Book of Numbers

Timothy Spall as Oswald Bates in the BBC television play Shooting the Past, directed by Stephen Poliakoff, 1999. From the essay: On My Screen: Shooting the Past

Wall in France, 1960s. Photograph: Herbert Spencer. From the essay: Herbert Spencer and the Decisive Detail

Photograph: Robert Brownjohn, 1961. Collection: Victoria and Albert Museum. From the essay: Robert Brownjohn: Photos at Street Level

“For the love of God!” Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, June 2011. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: Demonstrations, Democracy and Design

Photograph: General Motors, 1960s. From the essay: It's Smart to Use a Crash Test Dummy

The Works: “Objects of Desire,” Çukurcuma, Istanbul, 2012. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: The Strange Afterlife of Common Objects

The studio at Matter, Denver, Colorado, 2011. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: Studio Culture: The Materialism of Matter

Figurine from Dublin, Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, 2012. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: On Display: Museum of Broken Relationships

The architect Leon Krier. Photograph: Phil Sayer. Taken for Blueprint, 1983. From the essay: Phil Sayer, Designer of Photo-Portraits

The Young and Jackson Hotel, Melbourne, ca. 1969. Photograph: Angus O'Callaghan. Source: Marvellous Melbourne Collection, Kozminsky Gallery. From the essay: Typographic Stories of the City Streets

Laboratory 1, Orford Ness, Suffolk, 2007. Photograph: Rick Poynor. From the essay: The Unspeakable Pleasure of Ruins

A Fortunate Man, Penguin Books, 1969. Photograph: Jean Mohr. From the essay: On My Shelf: A Classic by Berger and Mohr