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Love Photography, working with special effects on photos Colorful People, Places & Things and Pretty Fantasy, Interacting with people around the world All the Goodstuff! All things Caribbean & Ocean & Beach, Love Seasonal Art & Photos I am the Real.

Clutha River, NZ #Nature

Clutha River, New Zealand. The Clutha River/Mata-Au is the second longest river in New Zealand flowing south-southeast 210 mi through Central and South Otago from Lake Wanaka in the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, 47 mi south west of Dunedin.

Lake Hillier, Australia. The only naturally pink lake in the world. And it's completely safe to swim in. #Nature

The pink and lovely. Hiller Lake (Western Australia) Its startling color remains a mystery and while scientists have proven it’s not due to the presence of algae, unlike the other salt lakes down under, they still can’t explain why it’s pink.

Mars Express over water-ice crater #Nature

Frozen ice disc on Mars in a crater on the Vastitas Borealis, a broad plain that covers much of Mars& far northern latitudes. The crater is wide, with a maximum depth of about The image was taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on ESA& Mars Express.