Nagy Zsolt
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Streaming Fountain Arch - We want to build a meeting place here at Abu Peak with walls made like this!

Maybe we can make some waterfalls to help with the traffic sounds Giant Copper Rain Shower Wonderful Water Feature Design! Imagine this Giant Copper Rain Shower in your garden on hot summer days it would be just awesome!

Meditation garden. Ok James build me one of these to mediate on. :)

Love this. What a wonderful place to relax. The sign really makes it too. Except the standing water would really attract the stupid Mosquitos. Defeats the stress free purpose.

John Kenn on Post-It Notes

After you& seen the imaginative work of John Kenn, I bet you& never see post-it notes the same way again. As his full-time job, Kenn writes and directs

"Illuminati" / tattoo idea creeeepy but cool lol @Jeannie Choi Choi Cochran- Masters

death art Black and White Cool white Typography Awesome black Grunge dark satan goth 666 devil pastel goth inverted cross