The scenic beauty of a snow-covered forest is vividly captured in our Musical Owl Snow Globe. Featuring your favorite nocturnal creature perched on a branch, this owl snow globe adds a woodsy touch to any room. Shake the globe to view an enchanting snowfall, and wind up the built-in music box to play "Let It Snow."

Featuring classic holiday tunes, the Musical Owl Snow Globe adds a wonderful charm to your holiday celebration. Get yours from the Balsam Hill site today.

Disney Snow Globe Beauty THE Beast Hour Glass Tower

Disney Snow Globe - Beauty & the Beast - Hour Glass Tower

I saw this at Disney in 2007 and wanted to buy it. This is the first time I've seen it since then! I thought I had dreamed this thing up lollol Anyone know where to find this?!?!

Disney Souvenirs & Collectibles – Princess Wedding Dance Snowglobe

disney snow globes | Disney Snow Globe - Snow White - Rocking Chair

Snow white and the seven dwarfs rocking chair disney musical snowglobe

Mary Poppins Snow Globe. a must have someday

Christmas Snow Globes: A Whimsical History of An Old-Fashioned Christmas Decoration

The ultimate Disney Geek/Mary Poppins/Snow globe lovin treasure in history. Mary Poppins St Pauls Cathedral Snowglobe on Collectors Quest

Disney Cinderella Light-up Musical Snow Globe

Disney Cinderella Light-up Musical Snow Globe

Can I just have a collection of snow globes please? Disney Cinderella Light-up Musical Snow Globe

Disney Aladdin Snow Globe

Aladdin Snow Globe

Aladdin & Jasmine on flying carpet musical snowglobe from our Snowglobes and Waterglobes collection

vintage snow globes - Google Search

Snow Globe Moments

The exact origin of the snow globe is unknown. But most experts believe the snow globe concept sprung from the paperweight. The first documented snow globe was an Eiffel Tower globe that appeared at the 1889 Paris Exhibition.

christmas wonderland musical snow globe by red berry apple |

Christmas Gold Deer Musical Snow Globe Dome