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A small harp, a bit flashier than Aubrey's Dariole

Lyon & Healy Style 14, restored by H. Bryan & Co.

H. Bryan & Co. » Lyon & Healy Style 14 #973

Ornate double action Gothic harp by R & L Lewis (New York, mid-1800's), restored by H. Bryan & Co.

H. Bryan & Co. - Harpmakers

Bragi; Norse God of Poetry and Eloquence.

Extended-board harp soundbox in the shop at H. Bryan & Co., ready for the soundboard to be affixed. The wooden ribs and metal brace are characteristic of pre-1899 Lyon & Healy harps.

H. Bryan & Co.


Joanna Newsom

Soundboard and base of a J.F. Browne double action Grecian harp, with custom soundboard art, restored by H. Bryan & Co.

H. Bryan & Co. - Harpmakers

Model Book 1390s Manuscript (Ms. VII. 14), 260 x 185 mm Biblioteca Civica, Bergamo


Women and Music in Painting 16-18th c, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Countess Of Eglinton,1777

Women and Music in Painting 16-18th c ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Girl Playing Large Harp

The Harpist. Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta (Spanish, Realism, 1841-1920). De Madrazo y Garreta studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under Léon Cogniet. His remarkable technical ability made him a highly successful portrait and genre painter in a Salon style. As an artist of international standing he commanded premium prices for his work. His 2K fee for painting Secretary Root from life moved the scale for official portraits beyond the traditional modest progressions and into 20th century levels.

Erard single action ram's-head style harp, #604, from about 1819. Fully restored by H. Bryan & Co. 41 light gauge strings, intact swell doors. Offered for sale at $19,875.

H. Bryan & Co. » Erard Single Action Ram’s Head #604
  • Virag Qarabay
    Virag Qarabay

    I get to see this harp this fall----amazing instrument!

Hofburg harp (Vienna harp) at the Hofburg Museum, Vienna.

An array of harps in the H. Bryan & Co. shop today: 1782 béquille action by Simonin, Erard Grecian, Erard scroll top, Lyon & Healy Style 23, and carbon fiber pedal harp by Dave Woodworth.

Panorama of harps made or restored by H. Bryan & Company. Four of the harps are new, built on the Camac system. The Ram's head is an Erat; there is a Salvi, John Egan, a Wurlitzer CC, an L 17, and an Erard Gothic.

H. Bryan & Co.

"Monster playing the harp from The Temptation of Saint Anthony"

Antique single action pedal harp

y delyn deires / Welsh triple harp

File:Welsh triple harp.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rose Mooney's harp, also known as Carolan's Harp. Since the 19th Century this harp has been claimed to be that of the famous harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670 - 1738). Ann Heymann has argued that this instrument was in fact played by Rose Mooney (1740 - c.1798). It is badly damaged and crudely repaired at the base. Ireland, late 17th century.

Erard Harp, 1895, Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Erard et Cie | | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lot 280: RENAULT ET CHATELAIN Harpe à crochets, pour trente-huit cordes et sept pédales, en bois et stuc laqué noir et or dans le goût chinois à décor de pagodes, branchages, rangs de perles, guirlandes feuillagées et fleuries, corbeilles et rubans.

STRINGS of the 1880s - Harp by Okinawa Soba, via Flickr

Boy with a Harp, 1882 George Frederick Harris

BBC - Your Paintings - Boy with a Harp