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six crocheted cup cozys in different colors on a white sheet with the words cup cozy written across them
Dar’s Cup Cozy
Dar’s Cup Cozy
six crocheted baby headbands with buttons on them sitting in a pile
Dar’s Mug Cozy #2
Dar’s Mug Cozy #2
six crocheted flip flops with name tags on them
Dar’s Mug Cozy #1
Dar’s Mug Cozy #1
a crocheted bag hanging from a tree
Spiked Ripple Purse
Spiked Ripple Purse
a purple crocheted hat with a flower on the side and a green button
Celian Sun Hat/Beanie
Celian Sun Hat/Beanie
a yellow crocheted hat with a pink flower on the front and green button at the center
Dorothea Sun Hat/Beanie
Dorothea Sun Hat/Beanie
a white crocheted bag sitting on top of a green cloth covered bed spread
Izabella Baby Bonnet
Izabella Baby Bonnet - includes six different filet crochet charts and blank templates.
two skeins of yarn in a basket with knitting needles sticking out of them
Just-a-Bowl made using a granny doily (pattern included) and using Amazing fa-Brick Transparent Textile & Fabric Hardener.
a woman wearing a green headband in front of a wall with bamboo squares on it
Tied in Bows Headband
Tied in Bows Headband made flat and "tied" in a bow.
A Sunny Headband crocheted around an elastic hairband. Crochet Crafts, Hat Knitting Patterns
Sunny Headband
A Sunny Headband crocheted around an elastic hairband.
a woman wearing a blue and green knitted beanie hat looking away from the camera
Let There Be Stripes Beanie
Let There Be Stripes Beanie is a simple hat consisting of rows of sc and dc. Works up quickly.
a crocheted blanket sitting on top of a wooden bench next to dry grass
Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket
Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket is a granny ripple blanket with a spike stitch added to add texture and density.
a woman wearing a green crochet shawl and looking off into the distance
Windy Prairie Scarf
Windy Prairie Scarf designed specifically for Windy Valley Muskox Qiviut yarns. Light and airy but oh so warm. Includes symbol chart.
a ring pillow with a bow on it
Figuring Out a Crocodile Stitch Pillow Edging
Tutorial on figuring out how to add an edging to a pillow using the Crocodile Stitch. Includes symbol charts.
a woman in green shirt and red headband standing next to metal sculptures with leaves on them
Crocodile Kerchief
Crocodile Stitch Kerchief that can be easily sized. Includes links to video tutorials as well as detailed photos on making the stitch. Includes symbol chart.