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    Professional Automotive Training, Supplies, and Equipment for Auto Detailing, Wheel Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, and More.

    A shot from mobile wheel repair class from this past week March 2015.

    Our customers LOVE our new Carnauba Spray Wax for high impact cars such as this 2015 Bentley (customer submitted photo). Our customer Redden trained with Rightlook in auto detailing six years ago and now uses the Rightlook Carnauba Spray Wax in his auto detailing business, Suds-N-Shine. He and his customers continue to be amazed with the unbeatable shine the Carnauba Spray Wax provides! www.autodetailing...

    It's tinting season! Students learned various window tinting techniques in this week's training class with one on one help from our expert instructors. They also took a field trip to Solar Gard to learn more about the tinting business! Rightlook provides you with all of the hands on training and information you need to become a Professional Window Tinter. Visit to learn more. #autodetailing #windowtint #tint

    Here is a shot from this week's Window Tinting Class. Students learn both hand cutting and computer cut tinting techniques. To learn more about the many auto detailing classes offered at Rightlook, visit

    Check out this shot from our Auto Detailing Training Class where students learned and practiced headlight restoration - a high demand service that is always in need of qualified technicians!

    Here's a shot from Day 2 of this week's hands on Auto Detailing Training Class! In today's class, students learned exterior auto detailing techniques and practiced them on real vehicles. #autodetailing #cardetailing #exteriordetailing

    Our customers love the Carnauba Spray Wax and are excited with the amazing results it gives their customers after one application! #cardetailing #autodetailing #carwax www.autodetailing...

    Check out this shot one of our happy customers gave us after applying Rightlook's Carnauba Spray Wax to his customer's Tesla! Our customers love the Carnauba Spray Wax and are thrilled to see the amazing results after one application! www.autodetailing... #autodetailing #cardetailing #carwax

    Enroll now in one of Rightlook's Window Tinting Training Courses to develop the skills you need to become a professional window tinter! #cartint #windowtinting #automotivedetailing

    Window tinting is a thriving industry and qualified technicians are always in high demand! Learn the skills you need to become a qualified window tinting technician at the Rightlook Automotive Training Center.

    Learn window tinting at our fully equipped automotive training center! #autodetailing #windowtint

    It's Auto Detailing Trailer season! Who wants one? Whether you want Industrial Pressure Washers Designed for Detailing, Open Trailers, Enclosed Trailers and Skid Mount Auto Detailing Units, we offer it all! #autodetailing

    Rightlook ships internationally! Our micro skid is great in size and equipped with the latest high quality products for car washing. A great product for your auto detailing business! #autodetailing

    From #autodetailing training classes to picking up his mobile trailer, Justen got the works at Rightlook. Thank you for your note Justen, we love to see our customers happy and wish you success with your automotive business! #Rightlook is dedicated to helping customers like Justen start their own automotive detailing business - we provide everything from training classes and hooking you up with all of the equipment you need to succeed in your business. #automotive #autodetailing

    PDR technicians are always in high demand, learn how to perform this service at Rightlook's automotive training center in sunny San Diego, CA. #pdr #pdrtraining #automotivedetailing #automotive

    Learn PDR and put your new skills to use working on actual cars during our extensive training classes with the help from our expert instructors. #automotive #automotivedetailing #pdr #paintlessdentrepair #autodetailing

    American Muscle Cars | American Muscle Cars

    2015 Ferrari California T First Drive - Motor Trend

    Coming out to play - watch out for this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Vorsteiner. #WildWednesday #spon

    Meet Project 7: The Fastest and Most Powerful Jaguar Ever (VIDEO)

    Here's a shot from day 3 of our Interior Repair Class. Rightlook uses the latest techniques and equipment in the 3-day training course. #interiorrepair #interiorrepairtrainingclass #rightlook #training

    Check out this shot from this week's Paintless Dent Repair class! #Rightlook will teach you everything from the basics to advanced methods to help you reach your goals. #pdr #trainingclasses

    The instructors at Rightlook provide great coaching in this week's vehicle wrapping class. #vehiclewraps #rightlook #trainingclass #autodetailing #vehiclegraphics

    Students remain focused in this week's Rightlook vehicle wrap training class! #vehiclewraps #rightlook #trainingclass #autodetailing #vehiclegraphics

    Check out some of the shots from this week's Vehicle Wraps Training Class! Vehicle wrapping continues to be a big trend and skilled installers are always in high demand. #vehiclewraps #rightlook #trainingclass #autodetailing #vehiclegraphics #vehiclewraps