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Jouluna herkutellaan ja jälkiruokiin kannattaakin panostaa. Resepteistämme löydät myös raikkaat ja kevyet vaihtoehdot jälkiruoiksi.

An easy recipe for gelatin stars with a delicious coffee flavor. Latte Lovers Star Desserts Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

DIY christmas

A winter favorite, DIY paper snowflakes are a wonderful activity for the whole family. The Lost Boys (and girls) in your crew will love creating their own unique snowflakes. Hang in your home's windows for an added touch of winter.

what a cute idea for christmas table making. DIY!

Heart shaped gingerbread with a slit to hang from a glass of mulled wine (make the cut rather wide before baking because gingerbread swells slightly in the oven). I'm not sure about the wine. The cookie sounds like a cute and simple thing