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The Netherlands  ·  Dutch girl with a Nordic soul. Exploring the illustrated life.
Rika Bos
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the smitten kitchen approach to food photos | smittenkitchen.com

Smitten Kitchen's approach to food photos - "The majority of food photography advice I have read boils down to two main points: don’t use flash and style the food attractively. Honestly, these days I rarely do either.

layer cake tips | smittenkitchen.com

Layer Cake tips! So logical but I never thought about most of them. Especially freezing the layers and the "crumb coat" to prevent crumbs in the frosting! (chocolate layer cakes with vanilla icing)

la creme de la creme, literally | smittenkitchen.com/tips

Today, I was innocently going about making ice cream for a little project* and I noticed, as I often do, that the pull-seal under the round spout of the heavy cream container I was using had a film…

not all salts are created equally | smittenkitchen.com/tips

Not all salts are created equally. 1 teaspoon fine sea or table salt = roughly 1 teaspoons Morton’s kosher salt = roughly 1 teaspoons Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Street art | rika bos

Street art | rika bos

to stay in bed

In Thrive, Arianna Huffington discusses the importance of sleep in order to be successful, happy and healthy in life. How to introduce a sleep ritual into your daily regime? Read on.