chalkboard-style-wedding-invitations... haha if I ever get re-married I'm using these! haha

Design Your Perfect Wedding Invitations : Chalkboard

Chalkboard Style Wedding Invitations - I love the fonts used here! It just needs some different colors to liven it up.I LOVE THE FONTS

Cute invite

SO SMART, using the engagement photos as the invitation ---Tasteful Text - Signature White Wedding Invitations - Good on Paper - Fog - Neutral : Front

How clever is this one with the writing inside the circle

Completely different feel, but I like the bold square edging on the far right. Modern, Sophisticated, a littler Glamorous.

Invitations  sets the tone for your party! Make sure they represent you and what your party is all about!

10 Top Wedding Trends of 2014

When Maddy Hague of Somewhere Splendid realized she needed to reschedule the luxe circus sip and see she had planned for her baby