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15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 3

Plant these - but please make sure that the plants/seeds are organically grown. Most retail gardening stores sell plants that have been pre-treated with insecticide.

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Telling the Bees:The belief is that the bees being a central part of each family that kept them, needed to be informed of any marriages, births and most importantly the death of their keeper. If they were not told it was said that they would leave and not come back.

Bee Book

Nothing is sweeter than honey, except maybe Pier 1’s honey-themed wall decor. With a charming handcrafted aesthetic, it’s sure to create a buzz wherever you hang it.

City of Bees: A Children's Guide to Bees Video - Explore the secret, complex world of honeybees from a child's point of view. Six-year-old Oliver and his young friends join a beekeeper as he cares for his beehives over the course of a year.