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a21house, Hochiminh City, Vietnam | a21studĩo | image © Hiroyuki Oki | an acute building corner is chamfered at the roofline to form a triangular opening which filters daylight through the layers of interior spaces. The wood flooring dissolves into alternating sticks at the perimeter walls, allowing light to trickle downward & an averrhoa carambola tree to grow uninterrupted from ground level to the third storey. inhabitants can sit @ their dining table & hear the breeze rustling…

a21studio: a21house - designboom | architecture & design magazine

階段の描き方(手描きパースの描き方) l 手描きパースの描き方ブログ、パース講座(手書きパース)


ヤマのスケッチパース №027の画像:ヤマ先生の手描きパース道場

ヤマのスケッチパース №027の画像:ヤマ先生の手描きパース道場