30 Of The Most Darling Animal Fur Markings. #15 Is Sad And Funny

30 Of The Most Darling Animal Fur Markings. #15 Is Sad And Funny

(link) Fake or Real? ~ As you can see, someone has painstakingly made it appear that the spots on the horse spell “horse”. Do you see it now? View site for image of the actual horse compared to the photo shopped horse.



Or giving long and passionate fake speeches about your life to no one.

I'm more at singing, winning fake arguments. Whitney Huston ain't got crap on my when it comes to the shower! & I will will that argument, lets take it to the shower!

Can't. Stop. Laughing.!!!

Cute nicknames…

Funny pictures about Cute nicknames. Oh, and cool pics about Cute nicknames. Also, Cute nicknames.

I thought of you today. It reminded me to take out the garbage.

There is only one thing left to do.take out the trash! So glad you are out of this family! Don't tell them how much you miss them because they know the real you!

@Jill Meyers Nahrstedt  - I feel like this a lot when we hang out!

Nice to meet you, leader…

30 Hilarious Minion Images cool despicable me entertainment funny humor minions movie

i probably laughed way harder than i should've

Funny pictures about Babies' Favorite Type Of Tea. Oh, and cool pics about Babies' Favorite Type Of Tea. Also, Babies' Favorite Type Of Tea photos.

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students after hearing about project, classroom humor <<< Nursing school. The thing you have described is nursing school.

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