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Scary Clowns just for Margie! LOL

Scary Clowns just for Margie! LOL

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Happy Clown Makeup Ideas | Funny clown faces meant to cheer young patients actually terrify them ...

Gluttonous by LennartVerhoeff clown | NOT OUR ART - Please click artwork for source | WRITING INSPIRATION for Dungeons and Dragons DND Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu and other d20 roleplaying fantasy science fiction scifi horror location equipment monster character game design | Create your own RPG Books w/

Gluttonous by LennartVerhoeff on deviantART

KILLER CLOWN MIRROR ILLUSION from The Horror Dome would scare the bejesus out of everyone.


a great idea for an attic window. Make sure to add a dim light on him to assure guests see him. I like the red awning stripes too.

evil clowns | Evil Clown by ~legio on deviantART

Evil Clown by legio on deviantART

killer clowns | Killer Clown 2 by themortalimmortal

Killer Clown 2 by themortalimmortal on DeviantArt

creepy clown fantasy gothic art doll - so creepy I almost don't want to pin this one!

This Took Me A While To Understand. Find out here-->

This Took Me A While To Understand

yep totally is.....Pennywise. bought the movie-have yet to watch it all the way through

Our Goal is Your Good Mood: Demotivational Posters (32 pics)

The babysitter fidgeted. "Yes, everything is fine, the kids are sleeping. But... um, the huge clown in the spare bedroom. I thought it moved earlier. Does it move? Is there a way to turn him off?" When there was no reply, she added. "I know. I'm being silly..." "No-no," the mother's voice sounded worried. "You're not silly, it's just... I lock that door to keep the kids out. You said it's open? And, I don't mean to panic you, but, we don't own a clown doll--at all.

  • Courtney Godsey
    Courtney Godsey

    Seriously just gave me a heart attack!!!

  • Shannon Vaughan
    Shannon Vaughan


Mariposa Venenosa The Dark Priest, by Alejandro D’Marco (09Alex)

Mariposa Venenosa The Dark Priest, by Alejandro...

This is precisely the reason I am afraid of clowns.

Break's Scariest Costumes of 2010 Gallery: Kids Love ICP Picture |

Break's Scariest Costumes of 2010 | Kids Love ICP

OH MY....Why didn't I think of that!!!

Creepy Homemade Funhouse is Creepy (and Epic)!

BOZO THE CLOWN Dozens of Actors You know what's weird? There's no one Bozo. Local TV stations franchised the character and hired their own B...

That is just spooky and creepy.

When you see it - Worst nightmare -

Best Pics of All Time - When You See It...

~ It's not enough that he's a creepy clown; he has to blow smoke out his eyes, too! ~

Matt Valentines Tim Burton horror villain for the Syfy reality make-up competition show Face Off. art

RJ Haddy Talks Life After 'Face Off' (Part 2)

Scary clown heads on black and white spikes- this is awesome! So doing this next year! Paper mâché masks.


Vintage Halloween.... Either that or one butt-ugly clown that would scare the hell out of me anytime, any day!

It wasn't easy getting into this least have the courtesy to let me stare a few more moments. Nice towel.

  • Morgan Bomar
    Morgan Bomar

    That is so freaking rude now imma have to cut the lights on during the night when I have to go potty

  • Shannon Vaughan
    Shannon Vaughan

    Bahahahahaha. It's been awhile so I had 2 do it. Brianna sent me a mess and said she gonna have night mares from all the clown pins. Lol.

Scary Halloween Theme

I thought I would upload this for viewer's edification

I'm terrified of clowns (not actually terrified but I hate them)