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an old red brick building with ivy growing on it
Whittingham Asylum, Lancashire
an old run down building with lots of debris on the floor and windows in it
Whittingham Asylum
an old stairway with peeling paint on the walls
Forest Haven Asylum
an old red brick building with ivy growing on it's sides and windows, surrounded by trees
Old Georgia State Hospital, Milledgeville Ga
Milledgeville GA
a dark room with a bed and curtains
noupe - THE magazine for webworkers and site owners
asylum room
black and white photograph of an old building
Abandoned asylum
an old abandoned building with the sun setting behind it and clouds in the sky above
100 Captivating Examples of Urban Decay Photography
Denbigh Abandoned Asylum
an old building with stairs leading up to it and dark clouds in the sky above
Some of the Most Haunted Insane Asylums on Earth
haunted, abandoned asylum
an old brick building with a clock tower
Cane Hill Asylum | Abandoned Britain - Photographing Ruins
abandoned Cane Hill Asylum
a man and woman sitting next to each other on a bed in a small room
Romania - Patients at mental asylum