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The "Girls of Great Britain" tiara, given to Queen Mary in 1893

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Aquamarine and diamond necklace - the necklace and matching earrings were a Coronation gift to The Queen from the President and People of Brazil in 1953 - perfectly matched stones are in diamond and platinum settings - original detachable pendant of the necklace was mounted in the centre of the tiara by Garrads and has been replaced by a smaller stone, also detachable.

Dress for the Occasion

From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault: The Vanguard Rose Brooch

From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault: The Vanguard Rose Brooch

From Her Majestys Jewel Vault: The Baring Ruby Necklace-Queen Elizabeth acquired this necklace in 1964.

From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault: The Baring Ruby Necklace

Royal Jewel Pendant of Queen Elizabeth.

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Sapphire, diamond, emerald, amethyst and ruby brooch - given be Duke of York (future George VI) to Duchess of York (future Queen Elizabeth, later The Queen Mother) in 1928 and to Princess Elizabeth by her parents as a birthday present during the Second World War.

Royal Collection - Dress for the Occasion

The Sovereign's Sceptre containing the largest flawless cut diamond in the world. It is part of the biggest diamond ever found. The great Cullinane found at over 3,000carats. Elizabeth' mother wore the Kohinoor at her coronation.

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Pair of pearl drop earrings, c.1947 wedding present to Princess Elizabeth from the Sheikh of Bahrain

Jewellery of Today's British Royalty - The Tudors Wiki

Queen’s necklaces | Royal Exhibitions

Queen's necklaces

The Queen`s Amethyst Bouquet brooch, an attractive brooch set in gold with diamonds & seven amethysts, usually worn on lilac or purple outfits.

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Queen Elisabeth II Kokoshnik Tiara the grand tiaras were fixed to sophisticated hair arrangements with high buns. After 1907, the russian influence brought the Kokoshnik style tiaras and Cartier created several pieces set with diamonds.


The True Lover's Knot Of all the bow brooches in the queen's collection, this is the biggest and fanciest. Naturally, she has Queen Mary to thank for that; Mary acquired the brooch from Garrard in the early 1930s. The brooch features brilliant cut diamonds set in silver and gold tied in a "lover's knot". The scalloped ribbon has joints on each of the "tails" to allow the ends to move. It was among multiple bow brooches (the Royal Collection reports 5, Hugh Roberts reports 6) in Queen Mary's…

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Sunday Brooch: The True Lover's Knot

The Cullinans, Part 4: The Pendant Brooch The top part of this brooch includes Cullinan VIII, an emerald-cut 6.8 carat diamond. One of the South African government's gifts to Queen Mary, she set it in a diamond surround very much like that of the Cullinan V - and just like its heart-shaped friend, Cullinan VIII was also a part of Mary's emerald stomacher.

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: The Cullinans, Part 4: The Pendant Brooch

THE DORSET BOW BROOCH, a wedding present to Queen Mary in 1893 from the County of Dorset, and from Queen Mary to Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

Royal Collection - A Royal Wedding

The Delhi Durbar Tiara was made in 1911 for Queen Mary (wife of King George V) to wear at the 1911 Delhi Durbar. In 1923 it was altered to take either or both of the two Lesser Stars of Africa. In 1946 (minus those stones), Queen Mary lent it to the then Queen Consort Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) & it remained with her until her death in 2002, when it passed to Queen Elizabeth II. In 2005, it was lent by the Queen to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

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The Cullinan Brooch, circa 1908-10, displayed amongst the crown jewels as part of a Golden Jubilee celebration in London

Inheriting Granny's multi-million pound jewellery collection

The Cullinan II is the fourth largest diamond of the world weighing 317.40 carats. It is a cushion shaped diamond. Now The Cullinan II is found in the bottom area center front of the Imperial Stat Crown of Great Britain which belongs to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Top ten Biggest Diamonds

The Queen's Modern Baguettes and Brilliants Bracelet A line of baguette diamonds runs alongside a double row of brilliant cut diamonds meeting and criss-crossing in the centre.

Gracie Jewellery: Countdown to the Royal Wedding - Bracelets

The Queen's Engagement Ring (and Wedding Gift Bracelet)

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

Cambridge - Delhi Durbar Emerald Bracelet

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The Cambridge and Dehli Durbar Necklace

Queen's necklaces

the godman necklace | The exquisitely crafted emerald and diamond encrusted Godman Necklace ...

Jewels of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The exquisitely crafted emerald and diamond encrusted Godman Necklace, which is part of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewelery collection, was a gift by the two elderly Godman sisters to her majesty the Queen. The name"Godman Necklace" reflects the name of the original owners of the necklace.

Jewellery of Today's British Royalty

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee necklace, 1887.

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Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Necklace.

Ten Famous Diamonds in Brief