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Decoração de mesa chá de panela

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Creative Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower (Hostess with the Mostess®)

Nicole, we could have our Kitchen Aid Mixers unite to make the cutest bridal shower for you if you wanted to do something like this!!! Creative Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower OMG how cute is that?? And I do have a KitchenAid standing mixer already...

Creative Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Kitchen bridal shower game: set up a table with ingredients to make a cake, and have bride attempt to make cake without a recipe. Throw it in the oven while opening gifts, and everyone can try a bite!

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To you, from your kitchen, with love. This centerpiece is ideal for dishware and Tupperware parties, or for a "friends-with-recipes" cook-off! The mini grater is a clever little gift for attendees...