The project ‘Artificial Selection’ portrays a research regarding the movement of animals within the three domains of motion; land, air and water. In the spirit…
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Rigel dynamic model detail Design, Dynamic, Objects, Detail, Movement Of Animals, Model, Light, Chandelier, Ceiling Lights
Rigel dynamic model detail
Rigel dynamic model overview Projects
Rigel dynamic model overview
Rigel kinematic model The Selection
Rigel kinematic model
Arcturus kinematic model Accessories
Arcturus kinematic model
Arcturus front view
Arcturus front view
Arcturus flight stage 3 Flight, Stage
Arcturus flight stage 3
Arcturus flight stage 2 Ceiling Fan
Arcturus flight stage 2
Arcturus flight stage 1
Arcturus flight stage 1
Arcturus Dynamic Model Overview
Arcturus Dynamic Model Overview
'Betelgeuse' Overview Home Décor, Drafting Desk, Home Decor
'Betelgeuse' Overview
'Arcturus' Overview Plant Hanger, Macrame Plant Hanger, Clothes Hanger
'Arcturus' Overview
'Rigel' Overview
'Rigel' Overview