Goofy Grin House

Turning that frown upside down: The happy snaps showing everyday objects you can't help but raise a smile at

Hallo Kitty House

Have you ever think about how to make your house special? Do you want to live in a house with special design?" , here's the most funny houses in the world.

Upside-down house

Strange Houses, Weird Houses, Unusual Houses & Homes from Around the World - design:related forums. Upside down house, Japan.

Shoe House

shoe-house-south-africa there was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children sh didn't know what to do.

door at a supermarket in China

door at a supermarket in China


These are real, non-photoshopped, top 40 funniest construction mistakes ever made by construction workers all over the world.