Framed seperately on wall. This but with wedding dress and tux or as engagement photo/save the date!

Very True!

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love is part of the personal freedom. life without love is not life. freedom without love is not freedom. in our workshop we will unblock any implant who will kept you away from this miracle partnership.

Mud run proposal

This couple's proposal and engagement kiss after racing in the Mud Run :)<<--wrong it was after the spartan race (you can see it in the background)

I want this tattoo !

wrist: heart & infinity sign - the tattoo represents Psalm - ".God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.


Dear Fabiana, You are literally the best thing that has ever happened to all of us. I can't picture life without being here with us .we hope you come back bc we miss you so so so so so much. We hope you come soon bc here is where you belong with us.

here is my inspiration. I want my boyfriend to be able to give me a piggy back ride. now let's get started!

This is just soo sweet! "I have an idea. Let's climb on the roof, just us, bring blankets. We'll lie together and look at the stars, and whisper and laugh and kiss, and forget the world we left on the ground.