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Classroom Organization

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Classroom management and organization ideas, classroom decor, and even some DIY projects. Everything you need for setting up your classroom and staying organized.

Do you feel like you are ALWAYS staying late after school to work on lesson planning and prep work? Learn how to organize your week and streamline your lesson planning routine so that you can go home at a normal time! This blog post is packed with practical tips and management tricks for teachers. A must read!


How to Put Together the Ultimate Teacher Binder

I love my teacher binder! Improve your classroom organization and come read how I put together the perfect teacher planner. Lesson Plan templates, calendars, class forms, and more!


Advice for teachers: Teachers make a lot of sacrifices. I've got 11 things we should stop doing. {tips for new teachers, burnout}


6 Strategies to Simplify your Homework Systems


11 Things Happy Teachers DON'T Do

11 things to STOP doing right now to be happier as a teacher. The first one made a huge difference for me!


Do your students know how, why, and when to fact check? It's important for students to think critically about what they read on the internet. Teach them this valuable reading and thinking skill.


How to Teach Paragraph Writing: Paragraph Structure

Paragraph writing can be tough to teach. Read about how this teacher teaches paragraph structure in upper elementary. I LOVE the freebie!!


HELP WANTED: What do the Math Common Core standards really mean?

What do the math common core standards really mean? Here is a list and short description of several helpful math common core websites.


How to Calm a Disruptive Class: The Quick & Easy Method that Saved My Sanity

Conquer your classroom management challenges with our Classroom Management 101 online course. Consisting of over 6 hours of video instruction, this course will give you the knowledge you need to confidently and effectively manage your classroom


Daily 5 in Upper Elementary & Middle Schools

Interested in Daily 5 but not sure how to get it started in an upper elementary or middle school classroom!? Look no further than this post for tips and FREE resources for getting started!