Enneagram Type 1

Essence Qualities: Alignment, Sacredness, Integrity, Goodness, Purity
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some tassels that are hanging from a rope
Sacredness. Shimenawa 注連縄 - Shimenawa are lengths of braided rice straw rope used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion - to ward against evil spirits and are often set up at a ground-breaking ceremony before construction begins on a new building. They are often found at Shinto shrines, torii gates, and sacred landmarks.
a snow covered garden with rocks and stones in the middle, surrounded by snow - covered ground
The snowy garden
Sacredness, Purity. The snowy garden Tofukuji-temple. Kyoto, Japan.
a large white sculpture sitting on top of a snow covered ground
Integrity. Love how the column on the building behind appears to create a spine for this dynamic sculpture. Public Art Sculpture Installation in Paris, France!!
a statue of a woman with a bow and arrow in her hand holding a staff
Sculpture Art - Modern Metal, Rock, Wood, Paper and Kinetic Sculptures
Embodied Integrity and Alignment. "'When the time is ripe, the arrow flies, as a fruit falls from a tree.' To see a master archer at the moment of hanari is a breathtaking view of beauty, timing, and effortlessness." The Anatomy of Change, p. 49. Serafina by sculptor Mark Newman
two spoons and a fork on a white surface
Waffle benny, Silver cutlery, and Contest winner at KITKA design toronto
Integrity, Purity. Yuki Sakano cutlery — 'Each piece is made by Yuki herself from solid Nickel silver, and then plated again one last time with pure silver. You can keep the beautiful light colour by polishing with a soft cloth, or as Yuki would intend, enjoy the tarnished silver as it naturally oxidizes.'
several metal bowls are lined up on a table
inspiration zone
There's something about this that says Perfection and Alignment to me, even though it's not technically perfectly aligned.
four pencils lined up next to each other
Integrity, Alignment. I love the way these pencils are sharpened.
a person is holding a hair brush in their hand
Alaaddin's Magic Lamp
Integrity, Sacredness, Alignment. Shōdo, calligrapher Hiroyuki Nakajima with a big brush in his studio in Chiba, Japan. Photo © Flavio Gallozzi - All rignts reserved.
people are walking on the beach with an intricate drawing in the sand near the water
Beautiful Sand Drawings
Alignment, Sacredness. Large scale beach drawings can take hours to complete, and then, when the tide comes in, this incredible art is washed away forever.
an aerial view of a large fountain in the middle of a park next to a body of water
25+ Death-Defying Photographs by Vadim Mahorov - Inspirationfeed
Integrity and Alignment with the highest purpose. Death-Defying Photographs by Vadim Mahorov: Motherland Monument, Kiev, Ukraine
a close up of a statue of a person's hand
The hand of Michelangelo's "David." Integrity, Alignment, and Sacredness in the way that the hand is rendered so vividly and faithfully.
a spiral shaped cloud with the words source knows your value when you think you are magnificent, you feel the discoard
Sacredness, Alignment. Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early am October 18, 2009.
black and white photograph of the bark of three trees in front of an image of another tree
Access Denied | Jeffrey Murray Photography
the back of a woman's head with long black hair in front of a green field
Love this vision of inner and outer Alignment!
a large circular structure sitting on top of a lush green field next to a mountain
The rings of Moray, an old incan agricultural site...
Alignment, Sacredness. The rings of Moray, an old incan agricultural site in Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru