Enneagram Type 5

Essence Qualities: Illumination, Discernment, Clarity
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a person holding up an ice cube in front of the ocean at sunset or sunrise
10 Discoveries That Cast The Vikings In A New Light - Listverse
Used by the Vikings for navigation - the "sunstone" or "icelandic spar" essentially depolarizes the light that comes into contact with it. Holding it up to the light and then moving it away results in a brief visual phenomenon called Haidinger’s brush. The light briefly turns into a yellow line that points directly to the position of the Sun. It works even on a cloudy day, accurate down to 1 degree.
a white light shines brightly on the floor in an empty room with no people
Light Pyramid Sculpture - ClaviOn Unlimited - Fine Art by Chris Clavio
Illumination. Light Pyramid Sculpture | ClaviOn Unlimited - Fine Art by Chris Clavio
two white dandelions in front of a blue sky with small dots on them
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Illumination. Perennial Moment gold 12x18 Art Print Dandelion Art by papermoth, $35.00
a group of people with red headscarves are standing in a dark room and facing away from the camera
Aberrant Beauty
Discernment, Clarity. Love how the red pops out among a sea of black -- differentiated and crystal clear.
frosted window panes with buildings in the background
Clarity, Discernment. The way you can so clearly see what's in the background what's in the foreground.
a black and white photo of the inside of a building with lights shining down on it
Illumination. Love the way it radiates. 'Multiverse' LED Light Art by Leo Villareal
four different types of dough on top of each other
sketches of the moon from galileo. I love how these Illuminate and elucidate the nature of the moon and its cycles.
an illuminated bottle sitting on top of a table
an empty yellow room with light coming from the ceiling
a woman standing in front of a window with light coming from her head and hands
The Most Astonishing Photos That Won Awards In 2014
Illumination – "Light Source" by Marcelo Castro
a blurry image of a horse standing in the fog
Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
Discernment. Even though you can't see the whole animal, you know it's a horse.