Enneagram Type 7

Essence Qualities: Joy, Freedom
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a woman's face with an exploding brain
A mosaic of moments,
A mosaic of moments, Accumulating over time, A divine flame of creation, Inspiring the mind. A thousand tiny sparks, Connecting and combining, A single brilliant insight, Unlock the design. No single moment of glory, No single spark of light, Every great idea is built, From many small ideas, in flight.
a person standing on a ledge with their arms outstretched
The Freedom to let go of what we no longer need. Varanasi , India
black and white photograph of two people in the air with one person upside down on their feet
a walk through the blank space
Freedom. a walk through the blank space: By Andre Bernardo
two children standing next to each other with their mouths open
Pure Innocence by Rishit Temkar / 500px
Joy. Pure Innocence by Rishit Temkar
a woman is running through a field with dandelions
Freedom & Joy
a woman holding a baby under the water
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Such Freedom and curiosity. Photo by Edward Clark - Los Angeles 1954. World’s youngest swimmer, nine-week-old Julie Sheldon.
Joy. Love the sense of play. Italy 1954   Photo: Vitaliano Bassetti Vintage Vogue, Dance, Portraits, Romance, Hollywood, Vintage Photographs
Joy. Love the sense of play. Italy 1954 Photo: Vitaliano Bassetti
a man standing next to a tall tree made out of magazines
June 10 full length
Freedom and Joy. "Under the Baobab" for London's 'Festival of the World' (2012) produced by Pirate Technics, made from fabrics selected or designed by MA textile students from Chelsea Collage of Art and Design. Photo: Lara Lee
several children with mud on their faces and one is holding up his hand to the camera
happiness. by Ayan Villafuerte / 500px
a painting with many different colors and shapes on it's surface, including buildings
lilacs and wild geese
So much Freedom and Joy in the way these houses are depicted. Klee.
a woman sitting in the grass with a quote on her face and behind her is an open door
Freedom to walk through the door that is presented to us here and now, not as an unconscious "grass is greener" movement, but as a conscious choice: "Sometimes doors would appear out of nowhere, and she always chose to walk through them ..."
a woman is running on the beach with seagulls in the air above her
Why Thinking Logically Imprisons You - Fractal Enlightenment
The picture and quote speaks to the Freedom of true mind. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein #synchronicity
a close up of a monkey with its mouth open and hands folded out in front of it
The simple Joy of playing with one's feet ;)
The Freedom to be present in each moment, just as it is. An ordinary moment can be quite magical. #CaptureLife2014 Memories, Photography Tips, Photo Quotes, Quotes About Photography, Photography Business
Big Picture Classes
The Freedom to be present in each moment, just as it is. An ordinary moment can be quite magical. #CaptureLife2014
a sea lion sitting in the sand next to another seal laying on top of it
Galapagos Sea Lion
I love how composed this baby sea lion is, just contentedly sitting there (mostly) covered with sand. Now that's freedom. "Galapagos Sea Lion" by Ink Light
a person jumping in the air with their feet up and one foot on the ground
Joy and Freedom
some people are riding on swings in the sky with clouds and sun shining through them
Blast off
That feeling of moving through the air....(Foire du Trône, Paris, France.)
an old book with a quote on it that says, all colors made me happy even gray
The Freedom to take in things as they truly are.
four different drawings of people jumping and running
Keith Haring figures - Raising Arizona Kids Magazine
The simple Joy and Freedom of being Alive. Keith Haring Figures |
a white mannequin head with yellow and green wings
A free mind creates a clear, sober ability to take in impressions from the world around us. "Icarus"~Allison Kinnarid
a drawing of a woman's face with blue hair and butterflies flying around her
Freedom..."Sevens actualize themselves and remain healthy by learning to slow down and quiet the rapid activity of their minds so that impressions can affect them more deeply..." The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 284.
a young boy sitting on the floor looking at an old fan in front of him
Joy in the ordinary -- cool air!
a woman with her hair blowing in the wind while holding an acoustic guitar and laughing
Freedom and Joy through music -- Carly Simon
a woman is doing a handstand on the wall
The Freedom to look at things from a different perspective!
an ink drawing with words written on it
Freedom...to think and be who you are
a woman and child are laughing together in black and white, with their eyes closed
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an old man laughing and holding his mouth open with the caption everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll
1953. Albert Einstein laughs at a luncheon, Princeton, New Jersey. (Photo by Ruth Orkin/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
a man riding a skateboard next to a large painting on the side of a building
Joy. French photographer JR in Shaghai for his project "Wrinkles of the City"
a woman sitting on the ground laughing
love the sense of freedom in this photo of Angelina Jolie by Annie Leibovitz.
a person is standing in the rain with an umbrella reflected in it's puddle
Joy. parapluie - umbrella. Les albums de Céline E.
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other under a tree with birds on it
noir grand
there's a freedom of vision and possibility Daniela Tieni
a painting of sunflowers with green leaves
elisabetta trevisan Shop | Redbubble
an image of some music paper cutouts in the shape of people playing musical instruments
the freedom of jazz music
a young child is laughing while leaning against a wall
Patterson Maker Miller
a girl jumping into the water with a quote above her that says, love, love and love some more
Remember that your natural state is joy. Wayne Dyer megastar media reviews http://www.megastarmedia.com/
the quote joy is the kind of happiness that doesn't defend on what happens