Looks like my shephard Avery

I was confused by the German Beach Football team at the Olympics. I did not realize German Shepherds were allowed to participate.

love frogs - have one named Lucy

Peek-a-boo frog- I had a face to face with one picking beans in the garden! I love my little helpers!


multiple tea kettles pouring into pot on grounds, tea pots water fountains, back yards outdoor old fashioned water faucets, Well isn't that the most clever lil fountain!

Teapot collection on beautiful green shaker style built in shelves.

Australian Cattle Dog - the peach one looks like Hank - the blue like my old heeler Storm

Australian Cattle Dogs - Red Heeler and Blue Heeler. The best dogs in my opinion.


This weeks' special is dedicated to all you Jack Johnsons, John Mayers or Amit Trivedis' just a little *hick* drunk. Yes, check out the the hottest Cafe's in Mumbai to leave yourself lose with a Mic in your hand.

urasenke konnichian - tea ceremony school

Main schools of Japanese Tea Ceremony, the sansenke are the biggest Japanese tea ceremony schools.

500 Teapots: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design  I love this book from a co-worker

Tourtillott, Suzanne J. 500 Teapots: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design. New York: Lark Books, Print.

Teapottery - Coleman's Mustard Teapot

"Colman's Mustard Teapot" from The Teapottery ~Home of the Eccentric Teapot~ (Especially designed and produced for the well-known Colman's Mustard Shop, based in Norwich, Norfolk)

writing music

photo from Istockphoto Songwriting is a great skill to learn but not always an easy one. Sometimes you are in the flow and sometimes you are just not. The process can be hard work but the

Epiphone 1958 Frontier Super Rare!

Epiphone 1958 Frontier Super Rare!