Boarding Pass Template for trip

use this template to make fake airplane tickets to play "vacation." each kid gets a ticket then you say you are going to hawaii and serve fruit and pretzels as you are on the "airplane" you can even watch a movie on the plane :)

Kidzone Geography Canada - puzzles and games, coloring pages by province

Great resource for Canada unit study. Canadian Provinces and Territories - great for geography and lapbooking. Has Canadian Money (coins) info/worksheets, General info, Provinces, etc

k-12 study canada

STUDY CANADA- An American based study that teaches and compares Canada and USA. Good supplementary material for Canada and USA studies!

The Countries of the World Song (The Americas)

Learn the countries in the Americas! This song teaches the geographical location and flag of each nation in North and South America, many of which participated in the World Cup!

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