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In at least a month i want to learn how to do different kinds of braids like the dutch braid, and also perfect my french braid. I would also like to learn how to do a french braid on myself.


LBD: Little Black Dress (24 photos)

>>> a more candid shot of Audrey with cat and alcohol, (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Picture perfect.


it's cold & cloudy outside & I'm doing textiles coursework & I have fairy lights on & I'm feeling so Autumnal right now! Love this season

Vsco filter- foodie

Somebody asked a filter for food so here it is. It's actually good for theming your feed as well. It gives you a clear vibrance. - qotp: chocolate or ice cream? aotp: chocolate 😍 -- comment your requests below!


Either this is one adorable christmas family photo shoot, or it's one dangerously packed car.

elenamorelli: “ { vertigo in the woods } ”

An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago