Homemade Cleaners

Castile Soap Household Cleaners Any Castile Soaps will work - I use Tea Tree Oil because of the antibacterial capabilities - 1/4 Cup of Castile Soap in a 1 Qt. Spray Bottle and fill the rest with water - be sure to label the bottles so that it is not used for the wrong purposes. No extra rinsing is needed and you can clean any surfaces with it. You can also add Lavender or Lemon Oil to make your house smell good.
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diy household cleaners

30+ Easy-To-Make All Natural & Eco Friendly Cleaners

skip the rest of 'natural cleaning' posts.this covers pretty much everything. Tons of homemade natural cleaner recipes!

DIY household cleaners!

25 green cleaning recipes - and much cheaper than reg cleaning supplies! I'm obsessed with the homemade cleaning supplies. Can't wait to finish my laundry detergent so i can make my own!

DIY household cleaners

Live on Less - DIY Household Cleaner Recipes

12 DIY Household Cleaner Recipes List of several homemade DIY cleaner recipes including homemade fabric softener, homemade stain remover, homemade tub or shower cleaner, and more! TI TRIED THIS FSBRIC SOFTENER LOVE IT

Homemade household cleaners

recipes for homemade cleaners (laundry detergent, foaming hand soap, fabric softener, glass cleaner, weed killer & facial masks) domestic-goddessry

DIY Household cleaners

Green Furniture Polish and Cleaner: 3 Cups Olive Oil 1 Cup White Vinegar Mix together in a jar and pour onto a soft cloth. Remix every so often by shaking the jar again.

Homemade household clearners from Farmers Almanac

Avoid toxic chemicals when cleaning our home and learn how to use everyday, natural products from your pantry.