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5 Week Spatial Thinking Course 2 Mod 3 Weather and Water

#ESRI #GISday @ KU 2014 Presenter ... Dr. Baker joined the Esri Education Team in 2006 as an Education Manager in Industry Solutions and works from the Kansas City office. Tom leads initiatives in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) education, instructional design, and educational research. Tom is also a leader and ardent supporter GIS in informal and after-school settings and works to build a variety of educational partnerships.

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Maps and the Geospatial Revolution


#GeoMentor ... One of my assignments from the Coursera MOOC "Geospatial Revolution"

#GeoMentors ... Introduction to GIS and Mapping #MOOC

The ConnectED initiative and Esri


The GEOSS Portal: Here an analyst overlays GEOSS oxygen, carbon, and climate sensor data on Esri's Mediterranean bathymetry to study precipitation.

#Philmont Scout Ranch RO/CS

#GeoMentors ... Latest News Map

Colorado Flooding Maps

#GeoMentor ... Dr. Roger Tomlinson

Learner success depends on achieving the right blend.

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GIS in Education - Bigfork High School Cave Club, Bigfork, Montana

GIS in Action at Clark Magnet High School

Roots & Shoots

Political boundaries redrawn based on water geography @

#ESRI Population density of Kansas City from free Esri map viewer @

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#ESRI #GIS Completed as part of the National GAP Analysis Program, the Kansas GAP Map is a statewide land cover map representing 43 landcover and vegetative classes.