Ryder Champouillon

Ryder Champouillon

Ryder Champouillon
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Witch's Broom Nebula: The Witch's Broom Nebula is also part of the famous Veil Nebula complex, this being the western portion. The entire complex is the remnant of a powerful supernova explosion which occurred thousands of years ago.

Fire Opal.

Opal is a stone of sympathy and compassion, pure thoughts & confidence. It is the most unpredictable stone, a symbol of ever-changing fortune. According to legend an opal talisman boosts foresight--dunno about that but it is my favorite stone.

Rhodochrosite in cluster atop fine Quartz crystals

Beautiful specimen featuring Rhodochrosite in cluster atop fine Quartz crystals. From the Hedgehog Pocket, Main Stope Drift, Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado.