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Don't trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar

Amén , repite: solo por hoy, solo por hoy, hasta que sea como respirar

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Stretch Stitch: Sewing with Knits Tip - The Sewing Loft, 2 of my sewing machines have this stitch I use it for top stitching on collars, pockets, cuffs etc on woven fabrics.

Stretch Stitch: Sewing Tip

Stretch Stitch: Sewing Tip - The Sewing Loft Don't be afraid of sewing with stretch fabrics! Get great tips and tricks in this post, Stretch Stitch: Sewing Tip - The Sewing Loft.

Today I Shall Create!

I do believe I shall make this quote into one of my art projects. In fact I think it should be my first one as inspiration.

A sunny sewing room and folding fabrics to size.

A sunny sewing room and folding fabrics to size. love this sewing room (and tip for organizing/ folding fabrics to size).

Good one. Now that our economy is in so bad..I know how to make my own clothes to save money!

"Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine" - maybe it should be".with a needle in her hand"

I am so lucky to have a sewing room.  I should put this on the door!

Woman Cave aka The Sewing Room Primitive wood sign

Woman Cave aka The Room. (My sewing room used to be my cave but lately everything I sew turns out crap! I am totally losing my sewing confidence.

Goes for quilting, too!

This is so me! (except substitute craft projects,cards and scrapbooking.

One of our Applique class students recently shared this great list of Quilting Acronyms. Check them out on our blog at

For those of us who aren't "up" on the latest quilting lingo (like me), here's a code box! Can you think of any other code words that should be here?