If you can read this, thank your music teacher…

If you can read this, thank your music teacher…

I'm in TREBLE! I ran over something SHARP and now my tire is FLAT! I need a QUARTER for the phone. Do I need to REPEAT any of that?-----thank you music lessons for teaching me how to read music notes!


don’t judge someone; just because they sin differently than you. Because we all sin differently.

You got that right.

I& not a Maryland girl, but I certainly love my Maryland boy! I wonder if there& an Oregon girl one.

Preach it.

I have walked through hell and back to become the woman I am today! Although I am not proud of all that I have done, I know who I am at this stage of my life and I know in order to be here now I had to go there then! I am a warrior I am a Queen!


A Letter To Me

"you are exactly where you are supposed to be." --- So true. God puts you there in right time on his perfect plan to lead you to your future happiness. So trust God and enjoy this moment.

This is the most pure statement I've seen in a long while.

I Waste So Much Time

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent" - Victor Hugo, Les Miserables. Music is so powerful and inspiring

Sometimes you just have to stumble a few times to realize it.

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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind - C S Lewis Looking forward, not backward.

I totally need to learn this!!!!

nice Don't worry, just breath.Don't worry, just breath. If it's meant to be, it'll find it's way.

I'm fortunate enough to say that this applies to all of my friends and family.

It's funny because you meet these people and they make you laugh. and they give you hope. and they make you realize that there is so much more to life. and when you're with them, you forget just how empty you felt before.

Breathe,trust, and let go.

Instead of planning & micromanaging, why not just breathe, trust, let go & see what happens?