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Sky painting journalstudymore: “ Upcoming theme: Art Journals, Study, and More ”

Imma beast I crush through anything. Obstacles in my life are gains for me.

this is how I'd choose wisely i mean fuck-wise. and it's this time of the hour you be goin hard on my thoughts like there's no fucking way other than this, eh? Maddening ways losing sane. YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A GOD DAMN moving heavens and for fuck's sa

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The first thing that I found very interesting and unique is the quirkiness of this simple sketch. I feel that the layout of this particular sketch has been well thought Continue reading

pin-up witch by Jacqueline Deleon

jacquelindeleon: “ Inktober day 09 🐱 Here’s today’s inktober! Another witch pinup with her cat! These are so much fun to draw, and always a good fallback when I don’t know what to draw and don’t feel.