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magical forest White albino deer with white antlers, horns, and black crow, raven bird,

Well a house isn't a home without a cat. "

Creatures from the three kingdoms --Peacock Cat. I love how they brought out the liquid of the cat with the ruffled feathers!

Frost, Snow, Sicle and Red by oberdarts62  ... ( white ).. XL Picture !!

Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden) is a character in Russian fairy tales. She is forever young and beautiful. According to the legend, she was made from snow, with two deep blue beads for eyes, and a piece of red ribbon for her mouth.

Gorgeous swan and ducklings

Here is a swan with her Cygnets. A baby swan is called a Cygnet. The name of the constellation Cygnus is from the Latin word for swan.

White Peacock - how magical

Wouldn't this make a beautiful train for a bride. You could make it out of fake feathers.

Let The Raven Be Your Guide

Wolves are often friends with crows and ravens, working together to hunt and eating together. The crows look for food and tell the wolf where it is and shares the meat once the wolf catches it

For my little wolf pup.....may your animal guide be with you always.....

Wolf is one of the power animal totems in my spiritual life. We walk in harmony and balance and had a dog Cherokee from a reserve with wolf and German Shepherd.

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Three Rivers Deep

Peacock perched on a tree at Nagarhole National Park - Karnataka - India - Photo by Bobby Joshi on