Social/Political Posters - Graphis

Imagery of the White dove flying to the word 'peace' with the letter 'A ' in red taking away from the word behind 'war' represent change. The use of the dove symbolises peace , holiness, godliness and hope.

Political posters collection at "The 1968 Exhibit" at Oakland Museum

Another pinner: Building Community Through Collective Action.All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area

Paper - Metal - Bones ~ Recycling before it was "cool". Because it was right, so we could win against the Axis powers.

"Salvage Up Housewives and at em - put out your paper, metal, bones Artist Yates-Wilson" from War Art in The National Archives (UK)

Bobby Kennedy 1968 Campaign Poster

Bobby Kennedy 1968 Campaign ended 46 years ago today in L. I remember Mom staying up all night waiting for the news he had passed.

the kennedys have always fascinated me I bet I have 100 books about them in my library

Cover of LIFE featuring Sen. John Kennedy & fiance Jacqueline Bouvier sailing on Cape Cod waters during Jackie's summer visit to future in-laws; photo by Hy Peskin. (Photo by Hy Peskin/Life Magazine, Copyright Time Inc.