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This is a great activity for young children to help them learn number sense. :) Pick one box to discuss each day at first; mental math has such a better impact on number sense success.

Classroom Freebies Too: Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday

math center - Roll a die, write the number in middle box, then write number before and number after. Number line to help.

Here's a nice set of hundred board activity pages.

Hundred Chart Freebies

Math Coach's Corner: Hundred Chart Freebies. Hundred charts are phenomenal tools for building number sense! Grab this free jungle-themed hundred chart with a couple of free printables!

10 more and 10 less during calendar time

Teaching "One More" and "One Less"

Kindergarten Math Center Game. Sort Cards Into More or Less Categories

More or Less Sorting Jars

More or Less Mason Jars Center or math game that lets students practice sorting into "more" or "less" categories. Many of variations can be made with this game, but I would cut and laminate individual cards, have students pick 2 random jar

My students always seem to struggle with the concept what number comes before, after, or between. To help combat this issue, I'm creating these cen...

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