Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until misunderstandings throw her life into turmoil. She must discover who has her best interests at heart and who…
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Ed Sheeran - Perfect Leona Lewis, The Verve, Elvis Costello, Jason Mraz, Bryan Adams, Christina Perri, Jack Johnson, First Dance Songs, Clip Video
Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)
Ed Sheeran - Perfect
a wanted poster for a missing person
Sadie | Rebecca Belliston
Sadie by Rebecca Belliston #romanticsuspense #cleanromance #Sadieseries
a poem written in front of a night sky with snow covered trees and stars above it
Sadie | Rebecca Belliston
a poem written in front of a piano with an image of a man's face
Sadie | Rebecca Belliston
a black dog sitting in the snow with a poem written on it's side
Sadie | Rebecca Belliston
Rocky Black Lab #Sadieseries
a beautiful young woman sitting at a table with her arms folded over her chest and looking into the camera
Young woman, portrait, close-up
Sadie model
an image of a woman's face on the cover of a book called sadie
Sadie by Rebecca Belliston on Pinterest. Characters, ideas, research. #lds #romanticsuspense #cleanromance
two young children standing next to each other on a street at night with lights in the background
“Slap her": children's reactions
How children react to the subject of violence against women.
a man in a tuxedo sitting on a bench with a quote above him
True gentleman - FunSubstance
True gentleman
there are two books on the same page, one is in color and the other has an image of a woman's face
Win a copy of SADIE or AUGUSTINA
a woman's face with trees in the background and snow on the ground behind her
Books, DVDs, Music, Art & more for LDS Families - Deseret Book
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