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keto carrot cake

Keto Carrot Cake in mini loaf pan serves made with almond flour. I really need to experiment with real almond flour, rather than the meal.

Low-Carb, Keto Friendly Spinach Lasagna

I’ve been on the lookout recently for some low-carb & ketogenic diet friendly recipes. I came across one for a low-carb spinach lasagna, but had to make my own little tiny tweaks to it.

Best keto pancakes yet! YES they are made with peanut butter

Keto Pancakes~ 1 large egg tsp baking powder 3 Tbsp peanut/seed butter (whichever you prefer) Sweetener to taste


Bacon Taco "Make a woven bacon shell, put it over a mold and bake it until crispy. Fill the bacon shell with all the yummy toppings you desire, eat and be merry!

Lazy Keto Chicken

[Lazy Keto Chicken] 2 Chicken Breasts 4 oz Cheddar Cheese 2 oz Jalapeno Slices (Optional) To Taste Salt and Pepper 4 slices Bacon

Keto Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Balls (OMGosh!) #keto

Whipped cream cheese (mine had 1 carb per serving) Swiss Miss Diet hot chocolate packet net carbs per packet) Shredded coconut net carbs per serving)