DETAIL: Give them a welcome they will remember.

Southern Rustic Barn Wedding At Vinewood

Such a good idea. The whole bride's side/groom's side thing is so outdated! Especially when there are people who know both and don't know which side to sit on.

Don’t forget about the back of your dress! Capture the details in a sweet photo with your bridesmaids./ love the bridesmaids dress color for a beach wedding

so pretty

beautiful simple lace dress with a bling accent belt. i love the classy look, elegant, not too over the top look. leave out belt

There are tons of hair styles for a brides’ big day, regardless of the length or amount of hair that she may have! Many short hair brides are often concerned th

5 Styles for Brides with Short Hair

Table numbers with pictures of couple at that age.

Collect your favorite baby photos and school pictures to make these simple wedding table numbers. For each table number, include a photo of both the bride and groom at that age. Above, the bride and groom looking adorable at age nine!

Tips for a great toast, every maid of honor and be

10 Toasting Tips for Your Maid of Honor or Best Man. Via Southern Weddings. << this would have been helpful a few weekends ago ;) but great tips for any future maid of honors!

super yummy donuts + coffee breakfast bar

Love the "BAR" sign and the brunch wedding layout. A Breakfast Wedding Bar with Pastries, Champagne, and Local Coffee!

Wedding dress Date: ca. 1928 Culture: American.

Embroidered satin wedding dress, American, ca. Worn with satin chevron cap with flowers and net veil. Jacot Jacot Bitterman Museum of Art

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the groom writes on the brides shoes before the wedding "As we walk this journey from beginning to end, I'm glad I have my true love and best friend"