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Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (Alix of Hesse)

"The Throne Speech" 27.04 1906 Tsar Nicholas II

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (6th June 1872 – 17th July 1918). Before the Revolution, the Russian royal family lived surrounded by enormous wealth and luxury in enormous palaces. Incredibly some of the gorgeous gowns worn by the Empress have survived and can still be seen today…

german monarch family tree

The Hesses. Stacking! Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse, Grand Duchess Ella Feodorovna, Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich, Princess Alix, and Prince Ernst Ludwig, 1889

The Russian Czar with his son Alexei

Empress Alexandra and Tsarevich Alexei

New monument of Nicholas and Alexandra unveiled in St. Petersburg, 5-12-13

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna with her sister Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna.

TIM Tsar Nikolai II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia. Married: November 26, 1894

Winter 1910, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Empress Alexandra with Anastasia, 1901

Empress Alexandra - love this picture.

Empress Alexandra and her daughters Grand Duchesses Tatiana and Olga Nikolaievna

photosofannavyrubova: Anna Vyrubova with Empress Alexandra

Russian Emperor Nicholas II, center, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, left, and Crown Prince Alexei, right. The Romanov House 300th anniversary celebrations in the Kremlin

Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Empress Alexandra, Beautifully colorized.

Dress of Empress Alexandra Romanov.