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24 Creative Ways To Decorate With Branches

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Glass Pebbles from the Dollar Store create this stain glass window look. This would be fabulous in the garden with the sun beaming through.

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West Elm Bench Knock-off

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bug You This Summer!

Nothing can ruin a nice romantic evening under the stars as quickly as mosquitoes. As soon as the sun starts setting they start creeping out, nipping at anyone around. They irritate pets, have children crying, and just make for an uncomfortable time outdoors. There are ways to deter them, and all-natural ones at that. Read on as eBay shares some tips to stopping the bites, and getting rid of the rascals – as much as possible.

Color-Tinted Skeleton Leaves- A free step-by-step tutorial, with photos, to make your very own skeleton leaves.

These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Genres

You go on a computer to watch Netflix and at the end of the URL type the number that matches the type of movie you wanna watch. Example: Classic movies will have a number so if you type the number, only Classic movies will pop up