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Reiki attuned for the Root Chakra


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a green and red christmas card with a black ball in a santa hat
Stay Balanced
This item contains hypo-allergenic fill as well as 100 pieces of amethyst. Use it for decision making, lower stress, anxiety and more Alternative Medicine, Mindfulness, What Is Reiki, Spiritual Practices, Chakra, Root Chakra, Clear Your Mind, Amethyst, Serenity
Reiki attuned for the Root Chakra
The adult teddy bear, tell your deepest secrets, unload your worries, the amethyst in the heart of this item will help lower your anxiety and blood pressure. Inner Peace, Peace Of Mind, Self Healing, Positivity
Reiki attuned for the Heart Chakra
The Head Trip contains 350 pieces of amethyst and hypo-allergenic fill. A perfect size for travel or naps on the couch. Kids love this as it's just their size and helps them to fall and stay asleep.
Reiki attuned to the Crown Chakra
The Inner Peace Pillow contains 250 pieces of amethyst and hypo-allergenic fill. A perfect size for travel, use it as lumbar support in the car, a head rest for plane o train travel or simply, naps on the couch. Peace, Chakras
Reiki attuned to both the Solar Plex and Sacral Chakras
NOT your parents bed buddy, this contains organic lavender, chamomile, flax seed and amethyst. Use it room temp, heated or chilled to bring relief from headaches, sinus pain, cramps or general pains. Will help induce sleep and bring clarity. 3rd Eye Chakra, Oriental Medicine, Handcraft
Reiki attuned to the 3rd Eye Chakra
three teddy bears sitting on top of a brown leather couch next to eachother
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Ki- Stone The Adults Teddy Bear by RMChristesen55 on Etsy
The Orbital Bliss is Reiki attuned to the 3rd Eye Chakra. Containing organic flax seed, chamomile, lavender and Amethyst this can be used as is, heated or chilled. Great for headaches, sinus congestion or general body aches. Third Eye, Lavender Chamomile, 3rd Eye, Lavender Buds, Eye Pillows, Dried Lavender, Flax Seed, Chamomiles
Reiki attuned for the 3rd Eye Chakra, this item contains organic amethyst, lavender, chamomile and flax seed. Use it heated, chilled or room temperature to find stress and pain relief.
many different colored pillows with tags tied to them
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Inner Peace Pillows by RMChristesen55 on Etsy
many colorful pieces of fabric with tags attached to them sitting on a black cloth covered table
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Serenity Squares by RMChristesen55 on Etsy