@Allison j.d.m Hadley Wet sand feels nice between your toes. The dampness is cool on your hot feet. If you walk a little closer to the waves as they lap up on the shore, you get to feel the water wash up over your sandy feet! Delicious!

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"...fearfully and wonderfully made." I love this with a different quote :) maybe Blaine's tattoo,"forever and always"

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It absolutely shatters my heart that I can't spend every second with you! I miss you constantly! I think about you constantly! I love you constantly! I wish I could be with you all of the time! Son, you mean SO much to me and you don't even know it yet.

Le Belle Photographie - Wedding and Birth Photographer Murrieta, CA - Colorful floral newborn photography session! A baby surrounded by gorgeous flowers, doesn't get much better than that!- @kateleticia you. Could totally do this flower thing!

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