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Easy chair by Kurt Østervig in beautiful mohair.

Easy chair by Kurt Østervig at Decopedia



kryptaria: april-likes-things: kryptaria: snogandagrope: pati79: Daniel Craig photographed by Lorenzo Agius *hyperventilates* My fav...

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Layer Cake: It did not just get hot wherever you are. That's just Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller executing an amazing movie love scene.

The Best Movie Kisses of All Time

Well, hello there, Daniel Craig. Come be in my book now.

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Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy! Lookat those lips!

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Lake house

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Princess Snow White also went to the Masquerade Ball .....she colored her hair and cut it and wore a mask...the Queens Police were never able to wind PSW at the ball....despite obnoxious, taunting text messages from PSW to the queen giving her hints....and taunts.....and dirty Limericks ....and insults about the Queens advanced age - 217 and sagging body (Actually The queen looks pretty hot as a MILF -- after all there were all those mother milk baths and sacrificed virgins )!!


A picture of a kiss (or about to kiss) of only the chin and chest area: sensual, sweet, intimate, and if we were smiling, playful, would be a great pic for the thank you cards...maybe a moment to last a lifetime. Let's just stay here for a words...just this touch...a caress the feel of your skin against mine....

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kiss me...

Tea at Five, Darlings?


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Indoor/outdoor bath room in Bali. Great design

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Anantara Seminyak Resort and Spa - Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia [ ] #healthy #life #health

Anantara Seminyak Resort and Spa, Bali - Five Star Alliance
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Hammock bathtub

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Nice and simple. Just The Design By Paulina Arcklin

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