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bowl out of a doillie (sp?) could probably use a similar technique as the twine lamps. Glue to a balloon or bowl and let dry

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Cover balloon with lace & glue. Let dry. Viola, beautiful balloons.

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glue the buttons to a balloon and when the glue dries pop the balloon to make a button bowl

Bonkers About Buttons: Knoop Button Bowl

balloon, glue, rolled up paper or magazine pages

Papierplezier! » Veetje

solar system made from string, balloons, & glue

Embroidery Solar System | Lesson Plans |

Doilies, glue, cornstarch, and a balloon. I need to make this in a couple different sizes hang them in a corner in the girls room. Or make a bunch of small ones and string them on twinkle lights.

MyHobbyShop: DIY Tutorial - Doily Pendant Lamp

Stitched doilies/fixed with glue and a balloon lampshade

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Ball + Glue + String = Hemp chandeliers.

Hemp pendant lamps - Crafty Nest

String 'n glue strikes again.

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1. take a huge balloon, lots of doilies, and some wallpaper glue 2. blow up the balloon, and paint the glue onto the doilies so that they're soaked. 3. tie the balloon on a string. make sure all of the doilies are overlapping so that they stick 4. put on an extra coat of glue and let it dry for at least 24 hours. pop the balloon and you're ready to go :)

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String. Glue. Waterballoons.

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make with string and glue

Crafty Butt: DIY Patio Lights

put battery tea light in balloon, blow up balloon, wrap yarn dipped in glue around and around, then pop balloon after dry, hang with clear string...super cute!!!

Welcome Viewers from The Rachael Ray Show!

dip string in elmers glue and water and wrap around a blown up a balloon, pop when it dries

Juicy Bits: 173: unicorns and rainbows party part 1: the details

DIY pendant light fixtures made from string dipped in glue and wrapped around a balloon or cylinder or cone of paper

Try This: Pendant Light Fixtures

Make a baby mobile by wrapping yarn around a balloon then apply glue. Let dry then pop the balloon and pull it out. String the balls into a mobile :)

Yarn Ball Mobile « Spearmint Baby

Yarn/string ball decorations -wrap string around balloon with glue. Try adding glitter.

Crafty Yarn Egg Decor | Amy Atlas Events

Big Balloon, Doilies...soak with wallpaper glue, hang balloon on string and put doilies on balloin, wait over night, pop balloon...

Lace lamp/Doiliy Lamp – DIY | Dos Family

String and glue

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string balloon

DIY String Balloon Decorations {Party Things}

String, glue, balloon (I think you could also put food coloring in the glue)

Style Me Pretty Living, A Field Guide To Living An Inspired Life

glue string around a balloon then glitter-fy

Christmas Ornament Projects

string + glue + balloon = lampshade

Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial - Pickles

glue and string over a balloon

DIY String Chandeliers Ruffled