Travel Light - 10 Days in Lake Tahoe (or mountains/camping) in a Carry-On

Mountains Sweatshirt / Carre Bleu Nail Polish / Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen / Wide Brim Hat / Floating Pretzel / Relaxed Cardigan / Gingham Shirt / Silk Top / Neutral Tee / Striped Tank / White Tunic / Gingham Swimsuit / Scalloped Bikini (in navyRead

Take your backpack to the beach! Perfect for a towel, sunscreen, and anything else you need.

New York City | by eTips Travel Apps

NYC New York City Manhattan Empire State Building skyscraper big apple sunset sunrise

Persistence "Dreams are lost when you allow temporary missteps to lead you to despair. You must not let a few mistakes become a way of life. Your persistence will eventually lead you to your true path.

Saying good bye to summer with this last one from my happy place before sharing with you alllll my fashion month adventures.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

some time for YOU and get a new perspective on life.Let yourself relax and enjoy every moment as it comes your way ☀