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Gear Lists - Not Just For Gram Weenies! by Brian's Backpacking Blog, via Flickr

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A look at alcohol stoves.

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Things to think about before backpacking with a firearm.

Should I Take My Gun Backpacking? | The Roamin' Blog

How to hang a bear bag: The PCT Method.

Hanging A Bear Bag—The PCT Method - The Ultimate Hang

Knee Strengthening exercises because my knees hate me.

Build a Better Knee

Hypothermia Infographic

Hypothermia Infographic - Preparing For SHTF

iNeverSolo - Another good free service for creating online hiking plans which notify friends and family if you are ever overdue. Unlike other services, iNeverSolo allows for multiple waypoints (AT shelters for example) and travel time. Will test this on my next AT section hike.


Buy, Clean, and Repair Tips for Tents | Backpacker Magazine

Buy, Clean, and Repair Tips for Tents | Backpacker Magazine

Using a Compass - The Basics

Outdoor Quest: April 2012

Ultralight backpacking tips. Finding the sweet spot for the night and a good example of a lightweight sleep system.

ultralight backpackin' tips: The ideal sleeping spot

Hammock Camping Basics illustration

Hammock Camping Basics illustration

Roaming Gear Review: The Hennessy Hammock from The Roamin' Blog.

Roaming Gear Review: The Hennessy Hammock | The Roamin' Blog

The role and importance of personal locator beacons.

Rescue Beacons: Don't Leave Home Without One - Seattle Backpackers Magazine

Great tips on how to sleep warm- great for backpacking or power outages!

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Tips on hanging a bear bag properly.

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Zombie outbreaks happen. Just in case be prepared. Thanks to our friends at REI for this humorous infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC: 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

Tips for camping with you dog.

The Manual: Take Your Dog Hiking | Backpacker Magazine

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. Something every person that ventures into the outdoors should know about.

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles | Leave No Trace

Make sure you are properly storing you food at night to keep the bears (and you) safe. Make sure to check the food storage regulations per the area you will be traveling. Some areas require the use of bear canisters, while in other areas bear bagging is an appropriate practice. When bear bagging shoot for 10 ft. high- from the ground to the bottom of the food bag, 4- 5 feet from the trunk of the tree, and 4-5 feet down from the limb of the tree.

Roam The Woods | Facebook

The typical bear encounter. Usually a loud " Hey, Bear" will send your typical black bear running off into the woods as quickly as he or she can. Remember to store your food properly at night to help keep bears (and you) safe. The old adage a fed bear is a dead bear is true.

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Water Treatment 101 from Seattle Backpackers Magazine.

Water Treatment 101 - Seattle Backpackers Magazine

Soda Can Stove. This is the style of alcohol stove that Roam The Woods utilizes on course . Use a piece of wire mesh for a pot stand and you are all set.

Year Zero Survival – Premium Survival Gear, Disaster...

Make sure you secure your food properly to keep bears and other critters safe.

Roam The Woods | Facebook

Remember to bring along your map on your next outdoor adventure. It will prove useful even if you do want to get rid of it at times.

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Sherlock & Watson remind us to stay aware on our next outdoor adventure.

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