Pablo Picasso - The Bull (State III-VI), 1945 studies depict Picasso's Spanish heritage just a few years after his exile from Spain.

Pablo Picasso deconstructs an image of a cow, using his cubist style in order to deconstruct the shapes into simpler forms to re-construct a different style of cow imagery.

The Dancing Skeleton

The Dancing Skeleton-DIY Jointed paper skeleton decoration I care less about the craft/decoration and more about the tattoo potential/inspiration

by daniel widrig, via Flickr

‘binaural’, a sound-based data sculpture by Shajay Bhooshan and Daniel Widrig commissioned by Melkweg is to be installed in Amsterdam in July binaural (via danielwidrig)


Stars is a wood engraving print by the Dutch artist M. Escher first printed in October depicting two chameleons in a polyhedral cage floating through space.

Acid: Good Trip

Forty six and two - Tool (Drum & Bass Remix) by DJ Digital Skunk on SoundCloud

Double Planetoid - M.C. Escher, 1949

Double Planetoid 1949 wood engraving in green, dark blue black and white, printed from 4 blocks, second state