Bahaahahaha! Love it!

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: Last I checked you had a penis.So quit acting like a little bitch.

Sandlot. Classic.

Greatest movie of all time."Why yes, The Sandlot is the best movie of all time, thank you for making my day better because of this life changing revelation.

Dos Boobies Onesie - "I don't always drink milk...". $14.95, via Etsy.

Funny pictures about I don't always drink milk. Oh, and cool pics about I don't always drink milk. Also, I don't always drink milk.


Yep, so true before but now Im like oh snap is that cake? Nom nom nom , and then Im like, "Grrrrrr" as I work that cake off

Michael Scott Wisdom.

The Office :)-- "Would you rather be feared or loved? I want people to be afraid of how much they love me" - i love him hhahaha

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