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You guy's have got to try this. .. This made me regret that i bought a laptop with touch screen You guy's have got to try this This made me regret that i bought a laptop with touch screen

"Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset." Joss Whedon I really want to be a film director and I think Joss Whedon is my role model when it comes to directing. He is amazing and his films (especially the avengers) are also great.

I love how this moment was both down played in the movie and book. The fact they got engaged wasnt for their personal reasons it was for their survival, and in Katniss' mind it wasnt something to celebrate at that time.

Maybe I'm just serious but when I get around young folk I'm just like I don't know. Why are you being so imature. Nothing against it. In just like it's so superficial. Just imature in a way and I'm like am I just old or not fun enough

"I need coffee... Lots and lots of coffee, with cake and possibly some cookies." + YOUR ECARDS + humor + funny

I laughed so hard rewatching this movie as a fangirl/teenager. He is literally a teenage girl omg. And this part, I wanted to make this but I didn't cuz I'm lazy and I knew I'd fine one so here it is XD<<< IS THIS PERCABETH? YES, THIS IS PERCABETH

Dedicated to the skyline guy who's hips don't lie, his anaconda doesn't, that has nipple tassles for his hard nips that can cut glass, because he wants to know what breast feeding is like. And apologizing for all of it xD just be you man